Stainless Steel Vamo V2 Kit

Stainless Steel Vamo V2 Body

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The new VAMO APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) is a solid, powerful, and sleek multi functional device with diversity. Wattage (3 to 15) or Voltage (3-6) capabilities allows for more functions than most APV’s to date.  Use the included extension tube with the 18650IMR 2000mAh button top battery or use with two stacked 18350 IMR 800mAh button top battery for full power potential.  If you like small but powerful, use a single 18350 IMR battery!

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Product Description

Stainless Steel Vamo V2 APV
1 x Stainless Steel Body:
The new VAMO (APV) Advanced Personal Vaporizer is a solid, powerful, and well built multi functional device with diversity. Wattage (3 to 15) or Voltage (3-6) with an included extension tube allows the use of a single 18650 or two 18350 stacked batteries. Without the extension tube allows use of a single 18350 battery for a sleeker and smaller APV. New spring cap presents no jiggling with the 18650 or two 18350 batteries.  Tight as a drum!
The Vamo V2 has two modes allowing to switch between RMS and AVG voltage monitoring.
The RMS mode is advised and shows cartomizer or atomizer outputs repeatedly on the bright blue LED with easy to read white lettering.  To make sure you are in RMS mode press ONE of the small buttons for about 15-20 seconds until it shows NO. 2, if you press the button and it shows NO. 1, repress the button again until it’s in the NO. 2 mode.  Keep the device in the NO.2 RMS mode. The chrome buttons, sorry no rubber color choices here, are easy to use and feel sturdy unlike some other devices.
The VAMO requires one 18650 IMR battery, or one or two 18350 IMR batteries, available separately. I only stock the button top batteries for a tighter fit. The Vamo head has a 510/eGo connection and CE4′s (eGo Vision Clearomizer), CE5′s, and eGo cones will fit, however, you will need a 510 to eGo adapter to use the Kanger Clearomizers available soon.


1. Click main button five times quickly to turn device on and off, and to operate the unit(To Vape)
2. Pressing the “-” button displays the battery’s voltage and pressing the “+” button displays the working resistance.
3.To switch from voltage to wattage modes, press the “-” and “+” at the same time for three seconds
4. Press the +/- button to increase/decrease the voltage by a 0.1 increments, for wattage 0.5 increments.
5.  The LCD will display LO-Ω if resistance is lower then 2.1ohm, and LO-V if a short circuit occurs.
6.  The LCD monitor will shut off once the battery is too low to function. Use only Li-ion charger!
1.Super low current protection
2.Reverse battery protection
3.Over-current protection
4.Short circuit/atomizer protection
5.Warning against low voltage
6.Vent hole get rid of discharge

14 Day Warranty on Body only.  Please see Warranties, exchanges, refunds page for further information.


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