eGo Mini Vivi Nova Starter Kit-Circles Featured
Mini Vivi Nova Tank V2 2.0ml.Silver 510 Lipped Shorty ConeReplacement Heating Coil

eGo-K 650mah Mini Vivi Nova Compact Starter Kit-Circles only $42.95!

$98.95 $42.95

VapElation’s brand new eGo 650mah Mini Vivi Nova Compact Starter Kit with five replaceable  heating coils, compact A/C adapter, small silver curved shorty cone, and a small silver eGo zipper case for all levels of vapers.  We designed this kit to be more portable and manageable, easy to use and clean with long term use and huge vapor!

Mini Vivi Nova

Mini Vivi Nova Tank V2 2.0ml.
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Product Description

VapElation’s brand new starter kit includes two 650mah eGo battery’s with the new Mini Vivi Nova representing the replaceable atomizer head system. The Mini Vivi Nova holds up to 2.0ml. of ejuice with long wick coil heads that produce massive amounts of vapor while maintaining great flavor.  This kit comes with a compact charger and smaller case for easy carrying and travel.  The eGo batteries have a 510 threading which connects with most cartomizers, atomizers, and clearomizers as well as Vivi Nova’s!  Chose two different colored Mini Vivi Nova’s or the same color, whatever you like!  Our Mini Vivi Nova’s come with 2.4ohm long wick heating coils so you can cut them to any length.  Simple to replace the heating coils and clean, this kit will last you a long time.  The eGo 650mah batteries can be recharged up to 300 times with a voltage output from 4.0(brand new) to 3.7v when fully charged and last between 3-5 hours.  These have the three click on/off system with blue buttons.  Perfect for beginners or a welcome addition to any collection of vaporizers!
eGo 650mah Mini Nova Kit Contains:
2 x eGo-K 650mah Batteries-Circles
2 x Mini Vivi Nova 2.0ml. Tanks
5 x Replaceable Long Wick Heating Coils-2 x 1.8Ω & 2 x 2.4Ω and 1 x 2.8Ω
1 x Curved Shorty Cone-Silver
1 x USB Fast Charger
1 x Compact A/C Adapter
1 x Small Silver eGo Zipper Case
Easy to use and clean:
Allow batteries to fully charge before use.  Simply screw on the battery to the USB fast charger and plug into high power USB port on computer, or use the compact A/C adapter until the light on the USB fast charger turns from red to green. For more information please look at our eGo Battery Care page. These batteries have the three click on/off system, click three times within two seconds and the battery turns on with three quick blinks of the blue button light, to turn off, click the button three times again and the battery turns off with three quick blinks of the blue button light to let you know it’s off.  Always do a test click to make sure the button doesn’t light up to be certain it’s off when placed in the case or pocket(careful!)
Mini Vivi Nova’s are perfectly easy to use and clean.  For information and instructions see our Vivi Nova Care page.

*Due to the nature of atomizers, clearomizers, heating coils, and cartomizers we do not offer a warranty unless DOA.  For more information please see our Warranties, Returns, and Exchanges page.


Additional Information

Mini Vivi Nova V2 2ml. Tank

Dimensions .74 mm

Blue, Clear, Black, Green, Pink

Mini Vivi Nova V2 2ml. Tank

Dimensions .74 mm

Blue, Clear, Black, Green, Pink


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