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Nzonic V3 Clone Mechanical MOD by EHPro for only $44.95!

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EHPro Nzonic V3 Clone- DHX-028.

Telescopic and mechanical, this is a magneto MOD with a magnetic fire button…beautifully crafted, high quality stainless steel clone and comes with an extra silver plated copper connector pin.  Brand new 2014 version. Improvements on sectional sizes and threading.  Limited Supply.

Only $44.95!


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Product Description

EHPro DHX-028 Nzonic V3 clone is as close to the original MOD to date.  This beautifully crafted telescopic mechanical MOD has a soft magnetic switch,  stainless steel and brass body and connection points.  Extremely durable and can be used with batteries as small as an 18350 to an 18650 with a kick for variable voltage.  Comes with a blue colored stone in the top cap and has the EHPRO logo laser etched on the body.

1. Telescopic mod , fits with 18350/18500/18650 battery.
2. Also a mechanical mod , no PCB.
3. Special magnetic button locking design, which ensures the electrode has a good contact.
4. 2 Vent holes on the bottom ring for security protection in case of over heating the battery.
5. Rotate the bottom locking button clockwise to turn off the MOD, counter clockwise to turn on the MOD
6. Silver plated copper connector pin
7. Grey Carrier Pouch

Specs of Nzonic v3:
Brand name Ehpro
Product Name Nzonic v3
Style telescopic mechanical mod
Diameter(body) 23mm
Height (body) 86mm(82mm)Info of Nzonic v3:
Weight of body 139g (4.9oz.)
Diameter(button) 23mm
Height (button) 86mm
Material Stainless Steel & Brass
Battery 18350/18500/18650 battery-try our efest button tops!
Certification CE ROHS FCC

Additional Information

Weight 5 oz


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