X6 1300mah V3 Vivi Nova Starter Kit
X6 1300mah V3 Vivi Nova Starter Kit 2

X6 VV 1300mah Battery V3 Vivi Nova Starter Kit Only $35.95!

$79.95 $35.95

X6 1300mah Variable Voltage Battery with V3 Vivi Nova Starter Kit!  Perfection!

X6 1300mah VV Battery

X6 1300mah Battery Featured
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V3 Vivi Nova Tank

Vivi Nova V3 3.5ml. Tanks
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Product Description

X6 1300mah battery with a V3 Vivi Nova Tank, compact A/C charger, USB Fast charger and a large eGo case!  This is a one of a kind starter kit…perfect for beginners or veterans!  The X6 1300mah battery has three voltages with the easy five click on/off and change voltage button.  Flat head enables the use of any tank and CE5′s as well as most Kanger Brand tanks too.  The V3 Vivi Nova has a 3.5ml. tank and comes with a 2.4Ω heating coil and two replacement coil!  This battery feels great in the hand and lasts for hours of vape time!

What you get:

1 x 13oomah Variable Voltage Battery
1 x V3 3.5ml. Vivi Nova
2 x Replacement Coils – 1 x 1.8Ω, 1 x 2.4Ω, 1 x 2.8Ω
1 x USB Fast Charger
1 x Compact A/C Adapter
1 x Large eGo Zipper Case

Battery capacity 1300mah
Battery weight 66g – 3.32oz.
Battery Lenght 103mm – 4.05″
Battery diameter 20mm – .79″
Input voltage 5V
Output voltage 3.6-3.8-4.2V
Charging time 3-5 hours

LED Button colors per voltage:

3.6v – RED
3.8v – PURPLE
4.2v – BLUE
We realize the colors are a bit odd…originally the purple was orange so it’s at least a little better!

  • Short-circuit protection- When battery encounters a short circuit, the MOS tube turns off automatically and the LED light will twinkle three times.
  • Low voltage alarm- In the case of voltage lower than 3.3V, the battery stops working and the LED light will twinkle 10 times.Overtime smoking protection
  • When a single puff is over 10 seconds, the battery stops working and the LED light will blink 10 times.

You might find that an older USB fast charger is unable to make the connection as these X6 batteries require a USB fast charger where the 510 connector protrudes from the plastic at least 1mm to 2mm.  If the USB fast charger’s 510 thread connector is flush to the plastic it will not charge this device.  Found that out the hard way.  The charger that comes with this kit will work!

Be careful twisting off bottom feeder tanks as the ejuice will spill if the end cap comes loose.

*Due to the nature of cartomizers, atomizers, heating coils, and clearomizers we are unable to warranty this item unless DOA. For further information please read our Warranties, Refunds, and Exchanges policies.

Additional Information

X6 1300mah Variable Voltage Aluminum Battery


Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple

Vivi Nova V3 3.5ml.Tank


Blue, Yellow, Clear, Black, Green, Purple, Pink


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