Vivi Nova Instructions and Care

The Vivi Nova Tank is very easy to use, clean, and maintain.  It also allows for the heating coils with wicks to be replaced and cleaned. Vivi Nova heating coils come in 1.8ohm, 2.4ohm, and 2.8ohm which gives the option of battery voltage. The lower the coil ohm, the lower the voltage. 1.8ohm should only be used with eGo battery’s or low voltage batteries no higher then 3.7v otherwise you can burn the coil heads. Each have a heat tolerance and the trick is to find the sweet spot between heating coil and battery voltage for the ejuice to taste it’s best.

How to fill the Vivi Nova
1. Unscrew the top cap off the Vivi Nova tube and the tip should come off along with it.
2. Notice the heating coil in the center of the tube, there is an airhole in the middle, avoid getting ejuice in this airhole. Fill with your favorite ejuice with a needle tip nose ejuice bottle tip(preferred method) or simply tilt the Vivi Nova at a 45 degree angle and drip down the sides of the tubing avoiding the center hole no more than the highest ml. line depending on the size of your Vivi.
3. Screw back on the top cap tightly and push down the tip all the way.
4. Allow the new wicks to saturate by tilting the ejuice and take a few fake pulls to get the ejuice flowing.
5. Attach to your favorite battery and mind the ohm of the heating coil with the voltage of your battery.

How to change the coil head, coil atomizer or the wick which is all the same thing.
1. Unscrew the bottom end cap with the center tube piece attached and pull out of the tank.
2. Gently unscrew the coil head from the top of the center tube.
3. Take new heating coil head out of the rubber condom, and screw the new head back into the center metal tube tightly so no ejuice leaks into the tube.
4. Place the bottom center tube back up into the tank and screw back on tightly.

How to clean the Vivi Nova
1. If you are able to change the coil heads and fill the Vivi Nova you already have all the skills to clean one.
2. Screw off the top cap and dump out any excess ejuice
3. Screw off the bottom end cap and pull out of tube, unscrew the used heating coil.
4. now you have all the pieces apart so rinse them with hot(not burning hot) water and you can use a mild soap if you had been using a strong flavored ejuice. Or, you can allow all the pieces to steep in hot water, either way, it won’t hurt anything.

Finally, how to clean the heating coil so it can be reused.

1. Rinse with hot water, some use distilled water, but I haven’t found much of a difference. If the wicks are really gunky, you can let it soak in water and use your fingers to help get the ejuice off.
2. Use a paper towel or clean cloth to dry off the wicks, then let dry. If you are in a hurry, you can put the heating coil back into you Vivi Nova keeping the top off and attach to a battery. Then do quick “dry burn” blasts by hitting the battery at low voltage for 2 seconds at a time until you think it’s dry enough to refill with ejuice.

Remember, these are only suggestions from and we are not responsible for any problems that may arise following any of the above directions.  If you are a more visual learner, please search YouTube for videos, there are plenty. There are several different methods for accomplishing the directions above, so if you have a new way, feel free to write a comment with your insight. It’s always welcome!


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